Teaching Experience

Regular teaching:

Institution Course When? Level
AUA Microeconomics Theory I 2013-today Undergrad
AUA Econometrics I 2018-today Undergrad
AUA Applied Microeconometrics 2018-today Undergrad
AUA Behavioral Marketing 2023-today optional MBA course
HOU Economics and Business Administration: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics 2016-today Undergrad

Notes: AUA=Agricultural University of Athens; HOU=Hellenic Open University

Short courses:

Summer school on Experimental Auctions: Theory and Applications in Marketing and Consumer Preferences Analysis (with Rudy Nayga, Jayson Lusk & Maurizio Canavari)

Host City/Region Country Dates Year
University of Zagreb Zagreb Croatia June 19-24 2023
University of Verona Verona Italy June 20-25 2022
INRA/Montpellier SupAgro Montpellier France July 2-9 2019
Free University of Bolzano Bolzano Italy July 3-10 2018
FIDAF Rome Italy July 3-8 2017
Palazzo della Scienza Catania Sicily Italy July 5-12 2016
Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania Crete Greece July 7-14 2015
University of Bologna Imola Italy August 28 – September 4 2013
University of Bologna Imola Italy September 3-8 2012
University Residential Centre of Bertinoro University of Bologna Italy July 4-12 2011

Past taught courses:

Institution Course When? LeveL
AUA Selected Topics in Marketing 2015, 2017-2021 optional MBA course
AUA Experimental Economics 2018 Undergrad
AUA Applied Food Demand Analysis 2008-2009, 2011-2013, 2015 optional MBA course
AUA Research Methods in Agricultural Economics 2015-2017 Undergrad
AUA Agricultural & Food Marketing I 2013-2016 Undergrad
UOI Experimental Economics 2014-2015 optional MSc course
UOI Econometrics I 2009-2011 Undergrad
UOI Microeconomics I 2009-2013 Undergrad
UOI Applied Econometrics 2010 - 2011 Undergrad
UOI Selected Topics in Consumer Behavior 2012-2013 Undergrad
UOI Applied Microeconometrics 2012-2013 Undergrad

Notes: AUA=Agricultural University of Athens; UOI=University of Ioannina